Part 1

Participants: Jade Vanillaflash, Rose MorningMist, Raven Mistycloud, Phoebe Bumbleflip, Luna and Anastasia Nightbelle

Jade Vanillaflash: “Gosh… Pixie Hollow is awfully empty today.” *Jade frowns* “I guess I’ll head to the Tearoom?”

Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade abruptly stops flying* “Maybe I’ll go visit a friend instead.”


Rose MorningMist: *PEF HQ – Rose’s room*

Rose MorningMist: Rose: *SNOREEE*

Rose MorningMist: *Ruby bursts in*

Rose MorningMist: Ruby: ROSE!

Rose MorningMist: WAKE UP!

Rose MorningMist: *Rose grunts*


Raven Mistycloud: *Raven is shopping*

Raven Mistycloud: Hey, Sophe, what d’you think of these jeans?

Raven Mistycloud: *Sophie grumbles boredly*

Raven Mistycloud: Excuse me, you’ll have to whine a bit louder than that.

Raven Mistycloud: *Sophie shouts* THEY MAKE YOUR BUTT LOOK FAT.

Raven Mistycloud: *Everyone stares*

Raven Mistycloud: *Raven hurriedly pushes Sophie out of the store*


Anastasia Nightbelle: *Anastasia is tinkering at her teapot home*

Anastasia Nightbelle: 😋


Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade spots a ton of giant ingredient bunches* “I THINK I KNOW WHAT IM GONNA DO TODAAAAAAY!”

Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade gathers ingredients to trade to the Tearoom people*

Jade Vanillaflash: “Coookies…”


Rose MorningMist: Ruby: Rose, you promised!

Rose MorningMist: I don’t care what I said, I’m not going to some tea party!

Rose MorningMist: Ruby: *raises eyebrow*


Raven Mistycloud: *Raven is arguing with Sophie*

Raven Mistycloud: I don’t care. I’m not wearing a stupid plain dress to a stupid plain party.

Raven Mistycloud: You can’t even call it a party!

Raven Mistycloud: Sophie: But Raven *Begins pulling Raven’s ponytail in the direction of the tea party*


Rose MorningMist: *Rose is arguing with Ruby*

Rose MorningMist: Ruby: There’s gonna be smoothies…

Rose MorningMist: Rose: *perks up*

Rose MorningMist: When is it again?

Rose MorningMist: Ruby: In about ten minutes.

Rose MorningMist: *Pulls friendship outfit out of Rose’s closet*

Rose MorningMist: Ruby: and put this on.

Rose MorningMist: Rose: *backing away*

Rose MorningMist: BY THE SECOND STAR, NO


Rose MorningMist: *horrified*

Rose MorningMist: *Ruby pleads with Rose*


Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade is arguing with herself*

Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade gathers dewdrops to make tea* “I better get a dozen cookies for this!”


Raven Mistycloud: *Raven and Sophie are still arguing*

Raven Mistycloud: Sophie: FINE, YOU CAN WEAR THE HAT!

Raven Mistycloud: Yay!!

Raven Mistycloud: *Raven puts on her wild feather cloche*

Raven Mistycloud: Can I wear the boa too?

Raven Mistycloud: Sophie: I draw the line at the feather boa, Raven.


Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade trades the dew for cookies, then trades the cookies to a store owner for a nice pair of boots* “Who needs membership anyways?”

Jade Vanillaflash: “I got my bribery invitation, new boots, and a ton of cookie crumbs in my hair. I’m ready!”

A half-hour later…

Rose MorningMist: *Party starts*

Rose MorningMist: *Rose and Ruby show up*

Rose MorningMist: *Ruby wearing one of Rose’s dresses, Rose wearing the friendship dress and grumbling*

Raven Mistycloud: *Raven is standing by the refreshments table, stuffing her face at the party*

Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade, being Jade arrives at the party and promptly falls flat on her face*

Rose MorningMist: Ruby: *helping Jade up* Are you ok?

Jade Vanillaflash: “… You didn’t see me.” *Jade flitters off to the kitchen*

Rose MorningMist: *Rose spots Raven and ducks her head*

Raven Mistycloud: *Notices Rose’s ridiculously dark hair*

Raven Mistycloud: *Runs over*

Raven Mistycloud: *Through mouth of cookie crumbs* Rose, you came!

Raven Mistycloud: *Hugs Rose tight*

Rose MorningMist: Rose: Can’t….. breathe!

Raven Mistycloud: *Releases Rose*


Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade makes somewhat legal ingredient trades for cookies*

Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade is somewhat obviously trying to sneak out of the kitchen*

Jade Vanillaflash: “Nearly out of this snooze-fest…”


Raven Mistycloud: I can’t believe you came to this snore-fest.

Rose MorningMist: Ruby: *walks up behind Raven and Rose*

Rose MorningMist: Yeah, well, she was have a snore-fest of her own about an hour ago

Rose MorningMist: *Rose hits Ruby*

Rose MorningMist: *Glares at Ruby*

Raven Mistycloud: Well, the best thing about this is that they have good food.

Raven Mistycloud: I might have to borrow their cook for one of my parties.

Rose MorningMist: Rose: *face palms*

Rose MorningMist: Rose: Any smoothies?

Raven Mistycloud: Smoothies?

Raven Mistycloud: Aren’t those for AFTER we kick butt, Rose? 😛

Rose MorningMist: XD

Rose MorningMist: Yeah

Rose MorningMist: Perhaps.

Raven Mistycloud: I think the only thing they’ve got to drink is tea, to go with their crumpets.

Rose MorningMist: I was kind of looking forward to my only day off this month.

Rose MorningMist: Rose: *sighs*

Raven Mistycloud: Days off? A pixie’s work is never done

Raven Mistycloud: *Sticks tongue out at Rose*

Rose MorningMist: Ruby: Oh yes. Especially when you’re her *jerks thumb at Rose*

Rose MorningMist: *Raven realises that Sophie has disappeared and runs off to find her*

Rose MorningMist: Ruby: I’ll come with you!

Rose MorningMist: *Ruby and Raven exit*


Nyla Tran: *Jade manages to sneak out of the Tearoom, but realizes that she was cheated out of cookies. She flies back into the tearoom in a somewhat-rage*

Nyla Tran: *Jade flies into the kitchen and grabs the arms of a sparrowman, dragging him out with an annoyed look on her face*

Rose MorningMist: *Turns and stares at this crazy pixie*

Rose MorningMist: *Mutters* What in Neverland… ?

Nyla Tran: *Jade narrows her eyes at Rose* “Nothing to see here.” *She leaves*

Rose MorningMist: *Notices who the sparrowman is*

Rose MorningMist: Uh oh……

Nyla Tran: (What a jerk. Who cheats pixies out of cookies?)

Rose MorningMist: *Follows Jade and Jack*

Nyla Tran: *Jade stops right behind a sign* “Three cookies.”

Rose MorningMist: *Rose hides in some bushes*

Phoebe Bumbleflip: *Reads book in tree outside of party*

Nyla Tran: “You cheated me out of three cookies! Three pixie dust cookies! If they were regular I’d let it slide! ”

Phoebe Bumbleflip: *Flies over*

Rose MorningMist: *Leaps from bushes*

Phoebe Bumbleflip: Don’t cheat people out of cookies!

Rose MorningMist: What in Neverland is going on?

Nyla Tran: *Jade blanches* “Uhhhhhhhh none of you guys are the Pixie Police right?”

Phoebe Bumbleflip: No, I’m just someone who doesn’t like meanies

Rose MorningMist: *Considers*

Rose MorningMist: Sort of.

Rose MorningMist: What’s going on?

Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade huffs* “Do you guys know about Pixie Dust cookie deals?”

Rose MorningMist: *Rose glares*

Rose MorningMist: You weren’t… Trading?

Rose MorningMist: Were you?

Rose MorningMist: *Confused*

Phoebe Bumbleflip: What’s wrong?

Jade Vanillaflash: “Well, here’s the way I work. I get ingredients, I trade them for pixie dust cookies instead of regular, and then sell those cookies to people who want them.”

Phoebe Bumbleflip: I’ll give you some cookies to make up for the ones he cheated you out of.

Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade shakes her head* “No… The ones I want are different. Forget I was ever here.” *She turns to the sparrow man* “Deal’s off, jerk.”

Phoebe Bumbleflip: *goes back into tree*

Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade flies away in an angry huff* “Now how am I supposed to get my Pixie diamonds?”

Phoebe Bumbleflip: *throws bag to Jade*

Jade Vanillaflash: “Being a non-member sucks…” *gets hit on head with bag* “Oof!”

Phoebe Bumbleflip: Oops, sorry about that!

Jade Vanillaflash: “… It’s fine.” *Jade flies away*

Phoebe Bumbleflip: *picks up abandoned bag*


Luna: *Luna taps her foot impatiently, waiting for Jade to show up.*

Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade nearly falls flat at her face as she quickly flies to Luna*

Luna: “There you are!”  *She notices the frustrated look on her face*  “What happened?”

Jade Vanillaflash: “This… This jerk cheated me out of hyper-dusted cookies!”

Luna: “What?! Seriously?”

Jade Vanillaflash: “I should have known. Those cookies are wanted by a lot of people… Even our providers.”

Luna: “I’m sorry Jade. How much?”

Jade Vanillaflash: “Three, to be exact. But it’s okay. Let’s just do our diamond trades for today and count our totals.”

Luna: “Okay Jade… Whatever you say.” *She scowls.*

Luna: *Jade starts going off and exchanging hyper-dust cookies*

Luna: *While Luna does the same*

Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade’s speaking to someone* “I’m short on cookies today… Sorry.”

Luna: *Luna’s done with trades and waits for her friend*

Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade flitters over to Luna* “I’m done. I think we made a lot!”

Luna: *Luna smiles* “Let’s go home.”