Part 2

Participants: Raven Mistycloud, Rose MorningMist, Jade Vanillaflash, Phoebe Bumbleflip and Anastasia Nightbelle

Raven Mistycloud: *Raven is standing in front of her closet*

Raven Mistycloud: I can’t decide what to wear…

Raven Mistycloud: Maybe Rose can help.


Rose MorningMist: *Rose is eating breakfast in the Tearoom*

Raven Mistycloud: *Sends note to Rose*

Raven Mistycloud: Note: Hey, Rose. I need your help. It’s an emergency. Class F.

Rose MorningMist: *Rose receives Raven’s WM*

Rose MorningMist: Izzy: What’s class F?

Rose MorningMist: Rose: Idk. Better go make sure she’s ok…

Rose MorningMist: *scoffs down last of muffin and leaves*

Ten minutes later…

Rose MorningMist: *Kicks down Ravens door*

Rose MorningMist: What’s the emergency?!

Raven Mistycloud: *Raven runs downstairs in dressing gown*

Raven Mistycloud: I can’t decide what to wear!!

Rose MorningMist: *stares*

Rose MorningMist: You called me for that?!

Raven Mistycloud: Class F. F for fashion!

Rose MorningMist: *face palms*

Raven Mistycloud: What did you think was happening?

Rose MorningMist: Raven, you don’t use the word emergency unless there’s ACTUALLY an emergency!

Raven Mistycloud: Fiiiiiiiiine.

Raven Mistycloud: But….

Raven Mistycloud: Now that you’re here…

Raven Mistycloud: *Sly grin*

Rose MorningMist: *sighs*

Rose MorningMist: Fiiiine.

Raven Mistycloud: Yay!

Raven Mistycloud: *Pulls Rose by the hand upstairs*

Rose MorningMist: *struggles to keep up*

Raven Mistycloud: *Throws open closet doors*

Raven Mistycloud: Okay,

Raven Mistycloud: I have a party in *Checks clock* ten minutes.

Rose MorningMist: *stares at Raven’s closet*

Rose MorningMist: Did you expand?

Raven Mistycloud: No?

Raven Mistycloud: Oh, this old thing?

Raven Mistycloud: This is my travel wardrobe!

Raven Mistycloud: This closet is holding the overflow from my MAIN closet 😀

Rose MorningMist: It just seems…. bigger.

Rose MorningMist: and with… more outfits.

Rose MorningMist: *wonders how Raven affords all this stuff*

Raven Mistycloud: Well, I just went shopping.

Rose MorningMist: *rolls eyes*

Rose MorningMist: What kind of party is it?

Raven Mistycloud: Water party!

Rose MorningMist: ok….

Raven Mistycloud: So I need a swimsuit….

Raven Mistycloud: Two-piece, one-piece, tankini, shorts, or skirt?

Raven Mistycloud: *Begins throwing swimsuit bottoms at Rose*

Raven Mistycloud: Catch!

Rose MorningMist: *soon has massive pile of swimmers in arms*

Raven Mistycloud: *Begins pulling swimmers OUT of Rose’s arms*

Raven Mistycloud: Hate these…

Raven Mistycloud: Those are gross…

Raven Mistycloud: Ooh!

Raven Mistycloud: *Pulls swimsuit off of floor*

Rose MorningMist: *looks at swimsuit*

Rose MorningMist: Well?

Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade is flying around when she hears the commotion from Raven’s house*

Rose MorningMist: Rose: Raven, I can’t move! Your swimsuit collection is crushing me!

Raven Mistycloud: Oh!

Raven Mistycloud: *Pulls eyes away from cute swimsuit long enough to notice Rose is being eaten by my wardrobe*

Raven Mistycloud: I’LL SAVE YOU!

Raven Mistycloud: *Jumps into pile of clothes that Rose’s arm is sticking out of*

Rose MorningMist: OW!

Rose MorningMist: You just landed on my FOOT!

Raven Mistycloud: Oh, oops! *Muffled by mouthful of skirt*

Raven Mistycloud: *Grabs Rose’s leg and pulls*

Rose MorningMist: *comes free from pile and gasps for air*

Rose MorningMist: Why… do all of…. your clothes…. smell like expensive perfume?

Raven Mistycloud: Uh…

Raven Mistycloud: Cuz I wear expensive perfume?

Rose MorningMist: *sneezes*

Raven Mistycloud: Ahh!

Raven Mistycloud: *Jumps away from sneeze*

Raven Mistycloud: *Tips backward into pile of clothing*

Raven Mistycloud: AHHH

Raven Mistycloud: DON’T EAT ME!!

Raven Mistycloud: IT’S MOMMY!

Raven Mistycloud: *Begins kicking, trying to untangle myself from my poor cloth children*

Rose MorningMist: *sneezes five more times*

Raven Mistycloud: Ahh!

Raven Mistycloud: *Entrenches myself deeper into my fabric offspring*


Rose MorningMist: *tries to get up but is too busy laughing at Raven*

Rose MorningMist: Can’t………….. breathe…….

Rose MorningMist: *laughs some more*

Raven Mistycloud: *Writhes*

Raven Mistycloud: AHHH

Rose MorningMist: XD

Rose MorningMist: ok…. *gasps for air* ok.

Rose MorningMist: *tries to pull Raven out*

Raven Mistycloud: *Pulls Rose in with me*

Raven Mistycloud: NOW WE’RE BOTH STUCK!!

Raven Mistycloud: *Attempts to crawl away*

Rose MorningMist: *starts sneezing again*

Raven Mistycloud: AHH

Raven Mistycloud: *Desperately pulls myself free of Rose*

Raven Mistycloud: AHA!

Rose MorningMist: Raven…. are there…. poppies in your perfume?

Rose MorningMist: *sneezes again*

Raven Mistycloud: Uh

Raven Mistycloud: Probably?

Rose MorningMist: I’m allergic to *sneezes* poppies…

Raven Mistycloud: Well, that sucks.

Raven Mistycloud: Wait!

Raven Mistycloud: *Pulls out bottle of expensive perfume*

Rose MorningMist: *sneezes again*

Rose MorningMist: What?

Raven Mistycloud: Let me go change or I’ll puff!

Raven Mistycloud: *Points bottle menacingly*

Rose MorningMist: Woah, ok hostile Raven

Rose MorningMist: *backs away slowly*

Rose MorningMist: You don’t wanna spray that.

Rose MorningMist: Honestly, you don’t

Raven Mistycloud: *Backs away towards changing room*

Raven Mistycloud: *Finally turns away, running into the relative safety of my changing room*

Raven Mistycloud: *Changes into swimmers*

Rose MorningMist: *sighs with relief*

Raven Mistycloud: *Pops out of dressing room*

Raven Mistycloud: Howdy!

Raven Mistycloud: Oh, yeah.

Raven Mistycloud: You can go home now…

Raven Mistycloud: Unless *Hopeful look*

Raven Mistycloud: You want to come to the pool/water party WITH me??

Rose MorningMist: *raises eyebrows*

Rose MorningMist: ….

Rose MorningMist: *sighs*

Rose MorningMist: Well, I suppose because it’s a water party….

Raven Mistycloud: Yay! *Pumps fist in the air*

Rose MorningMist: Ok.

Rose MorningMist: *Throws some dust over self to change into purple swimmers*

Raven Mistycloud: Yay!

Raven Mistycloud: Let’s go!

Raven Mistycloud: *Runs into the sunset, dragging Rose along*


Rose MorningMist: *arrives at party*

Rose MorningMist: *sits in corner, dipping toes into water*

Raven Mistycloud: *Begins partying away, throwing glitter bombs as I go*

Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade bustles around the party, selling her mass amounts of cookies*

Phoebe Bumbleflip: *watches party from tree*

Rose MorningMist: *flies over to Phoebe and sits down*

Rose MorningMist: Hey.

Phoebe Bumbleflip: Hi!

Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade sells cookies to people, and she glances up at the tree where Phoebe and Rose are*

Rose MorningMist: So, you enjoying the party?

Rose MorningMist: *eyes Jade, remembering her from tea party*

Phoebe Bumbleflip: I’m kind of just hanging out here.

Rose MorningMist: I see.

Rose MorningMist: Who invited you along?

Rose MorningMist: I mean, I only found out about ten minutes before it started.

Rose MorningMist: My friend dragged me along.

Rose MorningMist: *Thinks for a minute* Literally.

Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade glances nervously at Rose, shuffling her sack full to the brim with Pixie diamonds*

Phoebe Bumbleflip: I didn’t even know there would be a party.

Phoebe Bumbleflip: I just like this tree.

Rose MorningMist: *laughs*

Rose MorningMist: You were at the tea party last week, weren’t you?

Rose MorningMist: You stood up for that fairy.

Phoebe Bumbleflip: Yeah.

Phoebe Bumbleflip: For some reason people like to have parties here.

Rose MorningMist: Yeah.

Rose MorningMist: *Notices book lying open next to Phoebe*

Rose MorningMist: Hey, you like to read?

Phoebe Bumbleflip: Yes.

Rose MorningMist: So do I!

Phoebe Bumbleflip: You honestly might think I’m a book-reading talent.

Rose MorningMist: *chuckles*

Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade listens to the conversation for a little longer, then decides to take a break and sit with the other fairies.*

Jade Vanillaflash: “Uh…hello.”

Rose MorningMist: *looks up*

Rose MorningMist: Fly with you!

Phoebe Bumbleflip: Hi!

Phoebe Bumbleflip: I look forward to flying with you

Rose MorningMist: *holds out hand* I’m Rose.

Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade sits down on the other side of the branch, a short distance away, and counts the diamonds in her bag*

Phoebe Bumbleflip: I’m Phoebe.

Rose MorningMist: *shakes hand*

Phoebe Bumbleflip: “I would happily fly with you to the farthest reaches of Never Arbor and to the top of Torth Mountain if you asked,” is the original saying.

Rose MorningMist: *glances at Jade*

Rose MorningMist: I never caught your name.

Anastasia Nightbelle: *Anastasia comes over*

Jade Vanillaflash: “…I’m Jade Vanillaflash. I have a question.  Are you a member?  Any of you?”

Rose MorningMist: Yes. Why?

Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade scowls*

Jade Vanillaflash: “How long have you been a member?”

Raven Mistycloud: *Raven flies to the tree, fairy fruit punch in hand*

Raven Mistycloud: Is there a party going on without me??

Rose MorningMist: *laughs* Not really.

Raven Mistycloud: Haha, move over. I’m sitting down.

Rose MorningMist: This is Phoebe and Jade. Girls, this is the crazy pixie who dragged me here, Raven.

Phoebe Bumbleflip: I would happily fly with you to the farthest reaches of Never Arbor and to the top of Torth Mountain if you asked, Raven.

Raven Mistycloud: Aww, thanks, Phoebe!

Phoebe Bumbleflip: It’s the original saying that fly with you came from.

Rose MorningMist: Really?

Raven Mistycloud: Cool!

Jade Vanillaflash: “Hello.  Are you a member?”

Raven Mistycloud: I’m a member too! *Raven pipes up*

Phoebe Bumbleflip: I’m a member too.

Rose MorningMist: *answers Jade*

Rose MorningMist: About four years. Why?

Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade tilts her head to the side, hugging her pouch of Pixie diamonds closer*

Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade sighs.*

Jade Vanillaflash: “Forget I asked anything.  But um…were you ever a non-member for a long amount of time?”

Rose MorningMist: *chooses words carefully* For a large amount of my life, yeah.

Rose MorningMist: Why do you ask?

Rose MorningMist: *slightly suspicious or Jade*

Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade puffs out her cheeks a little*

Jade Vanillaflash: “Well…Do you ever think that non-members get treated…unfairly?”

Raven Mistycloud: *Snaps head up to look at Jade*

Phoebe Bumbleflip: Yes.

Phoebe Bumbleflip: Non-members don’t get to buy most things, even if they have enough ingredients.

Rose MorningMist: By the Second Star yes. I have a sister who is a community fairy.

Rose MorningMist: I let her borrow my Membership to avoid the divide.

Raven Mistycloud: *Snaps head up to look at Jade*

Raven Mistycloud: Not super unfairly.

Rose MorningMist: The whole membership thing has created more corruption amongst the community fairies…

Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade grins for probably the first time you guys have seen*

Jade Vanillaflash: “By the second star, finally!”

Rose MorningMist: *spots Anastasia*

Rose MorningMist: Hey!

Rose MorningMist: Come join us 🙂

Raven Mistycloud: *Waves wildly at Anastasia*

Raven Mistycloud: Come join our party in a party!!

Rose MorningMist: *turns back to others*

Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade smiles*

Jade Vanillaflash: “I’m glad you guys feel the same way…I guess it’s safe for me to tell you what I’ve been doing with all these diamonds and cookies…”

Raven Mistycloud: *Leans in, eager for Nyla’s secret*

Rose MorningMist: *raises eyebrows*

Phoebe Bumbleflip: *listens*

Jade Vanillaflash: “Here we go.  I’ve been selling…” *She leans in closer*  “Hyper-dusted cookies”

Jade Vanillaflash: “Which aren’t exactly…legal.”

Rose MorningMist: 😮

Rose MorningMist: I know that

Phoebe Bumbleflip: *gasps*

Raven Mistycloud: *Confused* What do they do?

Jade Vanillaflash: “But anyways, I trade ingredients for these not-really-legal cookies.”

Jade Vanillaflash: “Then I sell them for diamonds to people who really want them.”

Jade Vanillaflash: And I get a ton of pixie diamonds without having to use the special currency.”

Raven Mistycloud: You should be careful!

Raven Mistycloud: The Never Council keeps a strict watch for wayward fairies!

Jade Vanillaflash: “I know! I’m trying to subtly rebel!”

Jade Vanillaflash: “My friend also helps me…”

Phoebe Bumbleflip: Wait!

Phoebe Bumbleflip: Follow me.

Phoebe Bumbleflip: *touches knot at base of tree*

Rose MorningMist: *Looks at Raven*

Raven Mistycloud: *Looks at Rose*

Phoebe Bumbleflip: *Door appears*

Jade Vanillaflash: *Jade sees the door* “Huh?”

Phoebe Bumbleflip: Come in!

Phoebe Bumbleflip: It’s a secret hideaway.

Jade Vanillaflash: “Wow.”

Rose MorningMist: Sweet 😀

Rose MorningMist: *whisper messages* (Raven…)

Raven Mistycloud: *Whispers* (Yes?)

Rose MorningMist: (This isn’t good.)

Raven Mistycloud: (I know. You might have to get the PEF inside)

Rose MorningMist: To Raven: (Yes but….)

Raven Mistycloud: (But what?)

Raven Mistycloud: To Rose: (It can be dangerous to do things like that. If the Never Council found out, or even worse…) *Trails off*

Rose MorningMist: (Later.)

Jade Vanillaflash: *whispers to Rose* “I know you don’t trust me.”

Rose MorningMist: *whispers to Jade* (why do you think that?)

Jade Vanillaflash: *whispers back to Rose* “Well…you told me you were a sort of police force.  And I’m obviously not doing something legal.”

Rose MorningMist: To Jade: (I said technically. There’s a difference)

Jade Vanillaflash: To Rose: (“I don’t know.  Please don’t report me.”)

Raven Mistycloud: *Walks inside, looking curiously at the hideaway*

Phoebe Bumbleflip: It’s got a lot of books.

Rose MorningMist: *Abandons WM*

Rose MorningMist: Out loud:

Rose MorningMist: I’m not going to report you.

Rose MorningMist: For now.

Jade Vanillaflash: “…Fine.”

Phoebe Bumbleflip: I think it’s okay.

Phoebe Bumbleflip: All you’re doing is trying to make a living.

Phoebe Bumbleflip: I have an idea!

Phoebe Bumbleflip: Maybe we can have a pixie diamond fund!

Rose MorningMist: That sounds great.

Rose MorningMist: I gotta go.

Rose MorningMist: Thanks inviting me Raven.

Rose MorningMist: Perhaps we could meet back here sometime?

Phoebe Bumbleflip: Ok

Rose MorningMist: Cool.

Rose MorningMist: Fly with you later!

Rose MorningMist: *leaves party*